Republican Senator refuses to apologize after posting photo of Jewish opponent with digitally enlarged nose

He could at least be more current with his racism. I mean as far as racist sterotype’s go…a large nose for Jewish people is so passe. Pick something more modern and trendy.



I used Photoshop 1 time 10 years ago and can confirm, also.



Ask people the moral of the Pinocchio fable and doubtless most will say it is a cautionary tale about lying. Yet the puppet’s famously extending nose does not feature as a lie detector at any point in the original series, which ended in grim fashion with two villains hanging Pinocchio from a tree to die. Such was the popularity of the puppet’s story that Lorenzini was asked to resume the series. It was only in the second run that Pinocchio’s nose grew when he told a lie — and not always then.

In fact, the driving theme of the story is the importance of education, for which Lorenzini was a passionate advocate. What leads Pinocchio from one misadventure to the next is his reluctance to go to school. The consequences of not getting an education in late-19th-century Italy are shockingly exemplified in one of the most sinister episodes of “The Adventures”: Pinocchio and a friend go to Toyland, thinking of it as a kind of paradise. But once there, they are turned into donkeys. Pinocchio narrowly escapes being slaughtered for his hide, but his friend is worked to death — the fate that, in a less dramatic form, awaited many unskilled laborers in Lorenzini’s day.

JSTOR doesn’t seem to have much on anti-semitism and Pinocchio, which suggests either that I need to refine my search terms or that the connection doesn’t hold up under close scrutiny.


That multiple people looked at, said, “Yes, this looks good” in the context of an ad whose message is literally “Jews are trying to buy our state.” Even things that start out as accidents can be kept deliberately, especially when they reinforce the intended message.


I would think that means they just stretched the image because they have zero actual PS skills. MS paint could do that and is consistent with GOP artistic skill levels.


The fact that THAT is the message there condemns the whole thing, not just the bad photoshop job. And let’s not forget that Jews in GA have been targeted before. One of the most famous lynchings in GA was of a Jewish man (by the elite of Cobb County). At least one synagogue was bombed during the civil rights movement in ATL, and the first minority individual to hold the office of the mayor of ATL was Jewish, Sam Massell.

The GOP in GA will throw anything at this election to retain power, especially now that Kemp seems hell-bent on killing as many people in the state as possible.


This really gets me. I mean, I can believe you that this could have happened accidentally. But if the bus lurches and you slam into someone, knocking them over you:

a) Help them up and apologize profusely;
b) Bend over them and yell “fake news!”

I swear to god at least 30% of Americans think (b) is the right answer. And even if I’m wrong about that, certainly one very important American does.

This is what came up in that thread about Roger Stone using an offensive, dated term to refer to a Black man. Even if we could overlook the term, the message was “I shouldn’t be wasting my time talking to Black people.” which is racist as shit no matter how polite you are. When the message is the Jewish people are going to use their money to take control, your portrait of them could be worthy of hanging in the Guggenheim and it’s still antisemitic.


I did say I was on the fence about the image.

What many people are ignoring is that the entire color bars that run from one side of the image to the other that skew his nose, also skew the shadows on the (his) left side of his face. It’s more noticable when you view the video image instead of the still.

I’m not saying they deserve a pass for an unintentional fuckup. Either way, an apology is in order, whether it was intentional or not.


Anti-Semitism is always around. Left, Right, White, Black, it’s never far from the surface. The only things that change are the ways the slightly-smarter try to disguise and excuse it

exactly. everyone knows you don’t mess with the proportions of people’s bodies or faces. And based on the fact there is only two faces in the image, come on!

Well, that particular filter is not available as a single, only as part of a limited-edition collection (including the ever-popular oponent skin darkener). It is officially titled The GOP PAC Pack. To obtain a copy well, if you were one of those who would need it you would have been given one by the supreme leader.

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Putting Goebbels into context with Senator Perdue could suggest that Perdue and the rest of his posse are on the same level of intelligence with Goebbels; and hopefully (for all) they are far far away from that …

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The intelligence of previous fascists are highly overrated…

This guy, who has written on fascism, makes that very point, that fascism isn’t especially devious or clever or some 5th level chess… it’s the laziest of political systems, because it rules by force and by blaming someone for your problems, rather than searching for actual solutions:

The same can be said of the Nazis who got into power because first, the economy was in the shitter, and they gave people an easy, lazy, long standing trope to place their blame… They LUCKED into power and then took it by force.


To use the filters you don’t have to be accomplished enough to make the filters. They are just using an old warez copy from the 1930’s.


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I’ve always understood fascism as a critique and deliberate inversion of liberalism. But I could be overthinking things.

This is exactly why the penises in scrambled porn looked so big.



Thank you. This is the comparison gif I was referring to above. Not only the nose shifts, but the shadow line on the cheek and the earlobe, too.

STILL…accident or not, an apology is in order.

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Also, the hair and collar shift in the opposite direction. Looks something like this: