Republican Voters Against Trump use Reagan speech to slam Trump

No, I get it. I am all for anyone, regardless of their preferred political policies should be against Trump and am happy for almost anything that turns people away from him. I just also think: fuck Reagan.


happy to watch the republican party explode into factions and take each other out. i’ll be over here, eating popcorn.


The complaints here that “What? Reagan was horrible too!!” demonstrate completely why the left can’t make effective attack ads. The idea of driving a “wedge” between voters on the other side—something Republicans are so great at—is lacking in Democrats, and completely off the radar the farther left you go.

Meanwhile they use it to incredible effect, and boy, wait until 2024 when all the Republicans currently making anti-Trump ads go after our side. We won’t know what hit us, and we’ll be fighting ourselves rather than fighting them, just like they want.


Reagan was an evil bastard who pretty much created the crisis of homelessness in this country, among other terrible things. His name is to be reviled forever, in my book.

But people like us aren’t the audience, and I think this set of vile bastards is doing a great job trying to oust their most flamboyantly evil bastard from their leadership. More power to them, though only through November.


All this sounds like an elaborate setup to bring Paul Ryan out of stasis. He’s training his body and mind for when he gets the call:

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Roger that!


While Trump and Reagan have many parallels there are a couple of notable differences. First is for much of Reagan’s presidency he enjoyed a relatively high popularity. Secondly, he at least made some attempts at bipartisanship.

Trump is a historically unpopular president and has been unpopular since Day 1 never being able to get above 50% in any legitimate polls. He has never made any attempts to do anything bipartisan and refuses to do anything that could be construed as such; compromise is something he refuses to do. To him politics isn’t a game of give and take where you look at the long term – it’s zero sum if he can win, and scorched earth if he loses.

Reagan was an awful president and awful human being, yet somehow Trump manages to be far worse.


That didn’t last very long. Ollie North found that they were spending irresponsibly (I know, right?) and they had to get rid of him.


You are just totally shitting me. The NRA got rid of Ollie- for uncovering their fraud? You mean, scum like him actually did something useful, so a bigger pile of scum got rid of him?

Man, I missed that popcorn show!


for that matter, the entire party.

Reagen neoliberalism cast as safer choice over Trumpian fascism?

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