Republicans were so eager to pass the #TaxScam that they didn't notice they were taxing the churches they depend on

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“But I need a new jet so I don’t have to stop and refuel…”


The worst of the worst right here. People taking disadvantaged folks money in the name of gawd. Just look at that picture in the link. That’s real. They’re almmost all as large and extravagant. I live in Utah and I asked an LDS friend why the LDS church has been silent on the immigration issue. She didn’t want to talk about it, but she knows it is wrong. It is becoming more difficult to remain frieinds with her. There are extenuating circumstances in which I must do so, otherwise, it would be adios amiga!



Even gawd has to pay to play.


These organizations will now have to file returns for the first time, creating a double-whammy of being forced to staff up a new record-keeping and tax-filing department and then paying thousands in new taxes.

And who knows what irregularities the IRS will espy when these Godly grifters have to start filing returns?

For that reason the Xtianist churches are no doubt placing panicked phone calls to GOP Reps at this very moment to reverse this part of it. They’ll probably succeed, but for the moment the image of these con artists sweating and pleading is a satisfying one.


It’s a shame that it’s low level staff “perks” like parking, rather than directly against the flagrant jet godmen, but it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. The IRS’s ability to do audits of religious organizations was crippled over a decade ago, so there might not be much of a downside to non-complying organizations.

Naturally I’m interested to see how this hits Scientology…


I’m pretty sure this whole thing was made to attack non-profits who influence US culture away from the “turkeys voting for christmas” mentality.


crosses fingers behind back


it still stuns me people don’t understand how this will go down

when the press starts to report it and starts to question trump about it, he will simply blame the left/Democrats for putting it in the bill

doesn’t matter it’s not even remotely true, his 40% base will believe it as gospel and then after he repeats it enough, 10% more of remaining republicans will start to believe it

enjoy these midterms, it’s going to be pure hell for the next two years, just “pray” that no more surpreme court judges die in that time or the remainder of your life will be screwed over one way or another by some challenge in the future, because essentially everything he will do through 2020 (and please please not through 2024) will end up there sooner or later, what scares the hell out of me is I think he figured that out now and how he might get away with almost anything with 5:4, now imagine a 6:3

ps. has everyone seen Steve Schmidt’s post-republican interview with Chris Hayes last night - probably the calmest, best explained history I’ve seen about what we are dealing with (I just have to now google where the hell Steve was during the Iraq War because I vaguely remember him being a Bush apologist)


Yeah, it doesn’t look like the rectory/housing allowance is included. That might target some of the Olsteen-type God Floggers.


Roger that.

In Canada, Harper went after all non-right-wing organizations with audits and threats to yank their charity status if they spoke out on anything remotely political (as defined by him).

Meanwhile, very political groups like the Fraser Institute “think-tank” got a free pass on that.

eta: Remember how the Republicans were accusing Obama of using targeted audits? I think they were reading from the same To-Do list as Harper. “He must be doing it, because that’s what we want to do!”


“… it’s going to be pure hell for the next two years, just “pray” that no more surpreme court judges die in that time or the remainder of your life will be screwed over one way or another by some challenge in the future,”

Yeah; about that;

They ruled against the teachers’ unions.



Well said. Even when presented with unassailable evidence they will double down, call it fake news, talk about how the facts are just an opinion and hide behind their duplicity. This fools enough people to get a grifter like Trump elected and these days it’s a full on Cult45 shitshow.


Oh they knew what they were doing. They just don’t give a toss cos they know that turkeys will line up for Christmas again. They have supreme confidence in their stupidity.

Taxing the god business will merely force them to move overseas.


They are already there…and spreading a lot of interesting ideas:


Maybe the churches weren’t helping out with the “Taxes are Evil” (R) Plank enthusiastically enough, so the repubs thought they’d give them a taste… I mean, literally nothing else has been heinous, hypocritical or un-xtian enough to shake the evangelical base, so maybe they thought they had the position to negotiate


Justice Kennedy just announced his retirement

Efective July 31 so they can cram a fascist in before the midterms. I hope the Democratic Senators are prepared to go nuclear (yeah - I know already what will happen)


Great, now I need a drink - and a long look at my list of Blaxit countries…