Rescued elephants get giant knitted sweaters


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Not knitting, crochet. Come on, it’s really not difficult to tell the difference.


“What do you mean ‘it’s not your color’? You’re grey, grey goes with everything!”


Hmm…maybe both?

For sure the “granny-square” parts look to be crocheted.

I think the solid-red “leg-warmer” parts may be knitted.

The linked article at The Dodo has a photo that shows four people sitting on the ground, who appear to me to be knitting, with two long knitting needles each. And in that picture they’re using red yarn, which could correlate with the red leg-warmers. And the drape of the leg-warmers seems to me to be more characteristic of knitted construction than of crocheted.

[EDIT–there are more and clearer pictures in an article at the Daily Mail. There are photos showing the women doing both knitting and crocheting…but from those photos it looks to me like the leg-warmer sections are crocheted after all.]

At any rate, what a lovely and colorful way to provide warmth to the elephants!




Elephants is dichromats anyway. They will happily wear purple trunk-cozies with green leg-warmers.


This made me happy. The elephants really seem to have a good relationship with the women making them the sweaters.


Now I am imagining them with matching bobble-hats.


I too came here to complain about the (tediously predictable) crochet erasure. As it happens, I was making granny squares just now for a friend’s new baby. I can assure you granny squares are always crocheted; they’re literally the most crochetish thing there is.


Especially for Mardi Gras in New Orleans!

(Not an actual New Orleans Mardi Gras elephant)



I thought the same, but if you follow the link to the article, the photo shows the good ladies using two needles - so knitting it must be.


Maybe for part of it, but the granny squares ae definitely crochet. Crochet uses one hook, not two needles. So these are probably part knit and part crochet-- fun for everyone!

(I can crochet, but I never quite got the hang of knitting.)

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