Researchers find a link between trauma and Tetris

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Could it be the song?


OK, so high focus sensory input degrades formation of unrelated long term memories in some scenarios. That seems like a major finding. Now what does that do to, say, someone studying Algebra?


I worked at a video arcade and can attest that Carpal Tetris Syndrome is a real thing.


The flip side is that waiting for the long straight piece created new trauma.


My GF told me about this, and now our joke is when she’s had enough of my weirdness she says, “I’m going to go play Tetris.”


The dark side is now when they close their eyes, all they see are Tetris pieces.


i have heard similar things in the treatment of PTSD but instead of playing Tetris the aim was to keep the traumatized individual awake, don’t let them sleep, at least 24 hours, so they have time process the trauma and not use it as fodder in the sleep reorganization of experiences that seem to entrench the traumatic experience as a very visceral memory

at least that’s what i thought i read - but damned if i can remember where

gonna go play some Tetris now


A roof-mounted monitor for Tetris must be installed in all ambulances, stat!


Wow, that is one misleading headline. “Find a link” vs. “we looked at these two things together”? Not the same thing whatsoever.

I mean, I can see studying algebra being pretty traumatic to some people, but I doubt it’s that bad. Immediate treatment is likely not necessary.

On a more serious note, the research does seem to speak specifically to memory formation from intense/extreme sensory experience, and most algebra studies won’t be particularly impactful on a sensory level. Would definitely be interesting to see this thread followed up on though.


Tetris came out in 1984. I’m sure that any connection between being traumatized and growing up playing Tetris has to do with growing up under Reaganism/Thatcherism…

Oh… wait… save this comment for a different study on Tetris and trauma.

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I remember studies on “treating” PTSD with Tetris over a decade ago. While I can’t say the goal was to keep people awake playing the game (which sounds like how I dealt with college some nights), it does make some sense to me. And if there can be multiple positive aspects to Tetris helping people, all the better.

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Easy: Don’t play Tetris while studying.

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