Researchers print electronic tattoos directly onto the skin

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“We want to actually show we can do a full printing on any surface with useful, functional biosensing devices.”

I’m impressed.


Cyberpunk AF


The real question is can actual permanent electronic tattoos be made. That would be true cyberpunk as well quite useful for continuous monitoring of critical physiological parameters such as blood sugar, heart failure/myocardial infarction biomarkers and electrolyte concentrations. Can they tattoo lab-on-a-chip devices? how about microfluidic devices? Nanotech never fails to impress, and we’ve so far avoided the disaster of grey goo.

Implantable addressable LEDs also come to mind. Instant playa wear, even in a birthday suit!

We don’t have flying cars and jet packs are quite rare, but in many ways the future is now!


actual permanent electronic tattoos

Gonna have to stab them deeper and characterize how they degrade and interact with the immune system.

Can they tattoo lab-on-a-chip devices?

Depends on complexity.

how about microfluidic devices?

Except for paper-based sensing platforms, most lab-on-a-chip devices are also microfluidic devices. A lot of microfluidic devices can be made from biocompatible materials and work pretty well with human fluids and cells, but you pretty quickly get into the question of whether the chips need reagent re-supply and power.

avoided the disaster of grey goo

Nanotech is nowhere close to self-replicating matter consumers. It’s barely at the “programmable” stage.

Implantable addressable LEDs also come to mind. Instant playa wear, even in a birthday suit!

Program a drone to follow you and projection map stuff onto your meatbag!


Agreed. Drexler’s self replicating nano manipulator was a pipe dream. It was an example of how misleading molecular modeling can be. Just becuase you can draw it doesn’t mean it’s possibel to make it. BTW Dexler is a engineer who developed the idea of nanodevices in the 70’s. He was the bridge from Feynman’s “there’s plenty of room at the bottom” lecture to modern nanotech philosophy. His books are worth a look. He coined the term “grey goo.”

I worked in supramolecular chemistry making self assembling devices, and it was clear that true nanomachines are maybe 50 -100 years away. Enzyme mimics, on the other hand are currently state of the art. They exist. Heck, I made one in grad school.



Revelation 13:16-17 King James Version (KJV)

16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

The Second Beast of Revelation may command it. Or Apple. But at least it washes off afterwards.

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[…] wearables to reverse baldness […]

Cyberpunk toupees?

Might want to keep this on the DL. The fundies will have an absolute shit fit over it!

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wearables to reverse baldness

Electronic Toupee’s! What a future we are living in.

That is a damn fine sales blurb right there!


If you link to your thesis on enzyme mimicks I’ll gladly be the 3rd person to ever read more than the abstract! Always curious about this area.

If it washes off with soap and water, don’t call it a tattoo. But it’s cool anyway.

This is the work I was involved in:

And here are some machines if sorts:

Nobel prizes in two different years were awarded for supramolecular chemistry, one of them in the last few years. This is solution state (rather than on surfaces or in bulk solid material) nanotechnology.

Printing silver directly on your skin, I hope you don’t have any metal allergies. My wife is allergic to silver and white gold, and even some allergy free metals as well. So what jewerly she has is platinum, and depending on body area they still cause her to break out.

This is some cool shit, reminds me of some of the synthesis schema proposed by the medicinal chemistry group I work with in terms of biasing stereochemistry one way or another. Are you still working in the field or have you moved to adjacent fields?

It is very cool! We were making chiral reaction spaces based on very simple group theory concepts. I wanted to also study chiral ionic liquids, which might have provided something similar. It was a bit too purely academic to lead easily to and industry job. I do like me some med chem!

But…it turns out I’m not a very good researcher. Now I’m a nurse. So… very tangential to the adjacent. It still helps to see the world as chemical systems. It’s also dismaying to see all the magical thinking amongst health care providers.

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