Restaurant owner acquitted after foiling police sting


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It seems entirely reasonable for the police department to be putting 17-year-olds in adult situations, in bars. /s


I’ve wondered if flashing your brights to warn incoming traffic of a speed trap could be penalized by a particularly dickish cop. Guess so.


Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. Interesting…


The Supreme Court of PA has actually ruled on this exact thing.

You are perfectly safe to do so, falls under First Amendment rights the same way you can tell a friend in person about a DUI checkpoint.


@SteampunkBanana beat me to it, but to add, there are some safety related restrictions depending upon what state you’re driving in:


Ah… so because the officers were using “informants” to find out if the bar has lax policies it’s not entrapment.

Good to know.


It also helps that your defense can be “I was trying to clean my windshield and I’m clumsy, sorry.”

I mean, seriously, they can’t prove intent.


I too am an “undercover teenager.” I only look middle-aged.


Salt “88”? (The rise of malignant white supremacy makes me suspicious now whenever I see that number.)


Me too - but then you start seeing it everywhere, even at the Gap and Old Navy and sports jerseys, and Korean pop bands, and you realize it’s used a lot and most of the time by Nazis.


So glad those brave and noble police were able to survive this devastating encounter with an obviously armed and dangerous tweet! I’m sure they used their totally legit and lawful powers to seize his business under completely legit civil forfeiture ‘laws’. Justice well served even if the owner didn’t serve those punks a stinkin beer. /s

Christ, what a bunch of assholes!

When we moved to our new house, the checkout folks at the Safeway used to card me intermittently. Such a thrill for an old dog! ‘Did I forget to shave? Is that it? Where’s the tip jar!? Are you flirting with me? It is working! oo la la!’ Put a spring in my step for sure. Now they just look at me and go ‘move it gramps’



Just like you are never impeded or intimidated by officers of the law if you are filming them.

What did those young whippersnappers used to say?

“You can beat the rap, but you can’t beat the ride.”


I mean, it wouldn’t be entrapment even if they were officers instead of informants. It’s not entrapment if you would have committed the crime in any case, and the police simply provided an opportunity. It’s only entrapment if you would not have otherwise commited the crime, had it not been for the police involvement.

So if the police have to manipulate you into committing the crime, then it’s entrapment. But if you just serve alcohol to an 18-year old cop of your own volition, then it shows that you would have served alcohol to any 18-year old. It’s not entrapment in that case.


This is exactly right. Entrapment is much narrower than most people think it is. Entrapment is when the police induce someone to commit a crime they otherwise would be unlikely to commit.

There is no entrapment if a patron walks up to the bar and says “give me a beer” and the bartender says “OK”. There is no indication that the bartender is typically unlikely to do this. Its straight up being caught red-handed. The fact that the police orchestrated the event is not relevant.


Dammit, didn’t realize how much those stupid Nazis appropriated from eastern culture. Swastikas (Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.) as well as 88.
Chinese is a tonal language and are fond of plays on words since there are so many homophones. 88 is broken down individually as “eight, eight” in this case. When spoken in Cantonese or Mandarin it sounds like “fortune, fortune”. If you didn’t already, you’ll start to notice lots of 8s in restaurant names and phone numbers for Chinese businesses.


Yeah but that’s not what 88 means to Nazis (nor to Nazi wannabes).


As a white dude with a sister as a lawyer, you are correct about my lack of fear. I’m the kind of person who needs to speak up, they’re not listening to people who aren’t white dudes.


I think Chris Rock said it, “If she looks 20, says she’s sixteen, she’s damn near twelve…”