Retractable bed hides in the rafters

At least they didn’t do it with a pool table.

[alt - Why didn’t they do it with a pool table?!]

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Pedantic former powerlifter says that it would be a standing press, not a bench, unless you’re going to lay down on the floor under it and push up.

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To Word: To Be.

Yeah, that’s all, bespeaker…


To Wo(o)rd…


Doesn’t seem like it has the comedy potential of a good old-fashioned Murphy bed though.

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Of course it isn’t a bench – it’s a bed.

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I would lie on the floor and leg press it, but then I would need longer legs.

I saw this in Dwell. I have long thought this is a great idea - the bed takes up so much space and while it’s great to have a nice bed for sleeping, if you could use the space differently during the day, just seems like the way to go. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t work in my home.

On another note, I already thought he was one of the coolest actors on Mad Men and after seeing the Dwell feature, I am thinking he is just an all around kick ass guy.

I’ve pondered putting a Murphy bed in my second bedroom. But I think a captain’s bed will probably serve better.

(I still haven’t firmly decided which is “mine” and which is “guest”, and I’m halfway tempted to migrate upstairs/downstairs with seasonal weather changes.)

Check this store out - my dream:

Cool, eh?

I had a decorator visit my home (free from a furniture store) and we discussed the captain’s bed idea. She said that she had one and it didn’t store all that much.

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Good point.

Dwell’s slideshow code was apparently written by a six-year-old high on cough syrup, which might be why people stole the pics from it. But thanks for providing the attribution!

Queen storage-platform bed with drawers on both sides stores about as much as a dresser, judging by my lady’s. example thereof .

Queen captain’s bed (with a second row of drawers) should double that, but is admittedly more work to climb into.

This version of bed to ceiling is really sweet!

I was doing similar calculations, due to tiny home - but she actually owns one and said it just didn’t add that much. It was disappointing. :frowning:

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