Watch this highly effective redneck furniture moving technique




Awesome! But I’m a little disappointed. . . I thought they were bungie cords, and that they were going to slingshot it out of there.


That is too well thought out to be a redneck moving technique. I doubt that there was any beer involved in the “planning” process.


I’m impressed it worked. A couple of years ago, some geniuses in our tower block clogged the rubbish chutes for a week by sawing a sofa up into small (but not small enough) pieces and forcing it down there. How that could have been harder than getting in the goddamn lift with the thing, I do not know…


I was sad when I saw that they had a rope to regulate its downward speed. Kinda takes the fun out of it.


Also, one of them could have ridden it down. . .


If “redneck” means creative, efficient, awesome; then yeah!


Every time you shoot video in portrait mode, you make baby Jesus cry.


If they had spread out some tarps they could have caught enough change to pay for the UHaul rental.


Rednecks would have simply shoved it off the deck and left it there to rot.


Epic. And you couldn’t ask for a better intro than the woman saying “This cannot end good.”


disappointed that the term “redneck” has apparently come to mean “any white person thinking outside the box to creatively solve a problem”.

doubly disappointed that Xeni would choose to perpetuate an inaccurate and hurtful stereotype by repeating the term in her own headline. you’re better than that, Xeni! is the headline not equally as descriptive of the video without that term in it?


A Wild Movers appears!

The Movers used “Guy-Wire.”

It’s super effective.


It’s super effective!


I’m amazed not only that this was not the first comment, but that we both got there at almost exactly the same time


I somehow doubt this was more efficient or less work than a couple dudes carrying a couch down a few flights of stairs.


What does this have to do with rednecks?


oh look a snob!


Everytime your completely-digital software, with no hardware restrictions, is unable to handle portrait mode (much less any given resolution), you make Baby Knuth cry.



That’s a little wordy.

######This is a little tiny wordy.


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