Revealing the cover and first excerpt of Autonomous, Annalee Newitz's long-awaited debut novel


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We’ve followed Annalee Newitz’s career here for more than a decade, from her science writing fellowship to her work as an EFF staffer to her founding of IO9 and her move to Ars Technica and the 2013 publication of her first book, nonfiction guidance on surviving the end of the world and rebooting civilization: now, I’m pleased to present an exclusive excerpt from Autonomous, her debut novel, which Tor will publish in September 2017, along with the first look at her cover, designed by the incomparable Will Staehle. As her editor, Liz Gorinsky, notes, “Autonomous takes an action-packed chase narrative and adds Annalee’s well-honed insight into issues of AI autonomy, pharmaceutical piracy, and maker culture to make a book that’s accessible, entertaining, and ridiculously smart.” I’m three quarters of the way through an early copy, and I heartily agree.


Exciting news! But Scatter, Adapt, and Remember isn’t Newitz’s first book:

It’s quite good.


Must. Have. Book!
Also, the cover is truly beautiful.


Yay, more amazing work from Annalee. Maybe a PhD isn’t worthless after all!


Also looking forward to reading this. I really miss her over at io9 as the editor.


Seconded. io9 hasn’t been the same since she and CJ left. :frowning:


Yeah, still some good things there, but the quality has really dropped since she left.


Annalee is doing fiction? This makes me happy. I hope she includes some sex bots pretending to be real women just to snark at Ashley Madison.

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