Revenge of the Nerds: an emoji quiz


ΛΛΛ and Ω🐮

God, Matt Haughey was so young then.

Number 3 didn’t quite give enough of the rapey connotations of that scene.

I used to like RotN when I was younger, but it’s pretty uncomfortable to watch now.


Connotations? That’s just straight up rape.

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Yes, I didn’t word that well. I was meaning the inferences made by the icons, but yes, you’re 100% right.

It surprised me that something that seemed so funny and redemptive for me as a nerdy kid became an evil sexual assault through my adult eyes. Very eye opening.

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I had forgotten about that! Didn’t she assume it was her lame boyfriend because he was wearing a Darth Vader mask or something? I imagine that kinky costume balls must have things like this happen often.

“No, I didn’t claim to be the other guy. It’s just that we were both dressed like Darth Vader”

But IIRC he took the guys Vader mask to pull this off, so it’s skeezy, even if it turned out she was pleasantly surprised.

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