Review: Blendy Black Lemon Coffee from Japan


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Hmm… I dunno?
Some of the very light roasted coffees that currently are all the rage here in the Nordics have citrus notes aplenty. It wouldn’t be a huge step IMO if they served them cool and squirted some fresh lemon juice straight into it before serving.

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Orange Mocha Frappuccino!


Coffee Lemonade has been a thing for long. Just Google DuckDuckGo it. Off course it’s a question of taste. I’m personally a converted after tasting the home made one at a local coffee shop.


Espresso + lemon juice (about the amount you get from one lemon) can do the number on some types of migraines.


I used to live near a coffeeshop in San Francisco which had a house special called “Café Clouds”: a black-eye (coffee with a shot of espresso) with orange juice. I tried it once. Never again.


The hot drinks machine at uni had a ‘use your own cup’ button and the slot was large enough for a proper mug.
3 espressos + 1 cocoa, a nice hot drink that got me through the late afternoon lectures.

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In Italy it used to be very common to get a spritz of lemon peel along with your espresso. I haven’t seen it in a while, though.


Same. Family Mart was sold out of the Boss Craft Coffee with milk the other day so thought I’d try something new. Bad idea in this case. Poured most of it down the sink.

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Terrie made me drink from that bottle in the photo. It tasted like it was brewed from the stuff that collects in the drain after washing week-old dirty dishes.

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A local coffee shop has some interesting rotating drink specials. One recent offering was cold brew limeade. They made their own limeade from lime juice, simple syrup and water, then mixed it with cold brew. I don’t think it’s a stretch to add lemon to an iced coffee since it’s not that far off from tea. I decided to try the special and it reminded me of something from my childhood… it took me a minute then it hit me: I grew up drinking Lipton iced tea with lemon, from the powdered concentrate. If I’m going to drink instant ice tea I don’t want to pay $4.50 a glass. LOL


I’ve seen Wonda’s TEA COFFEE around Kyushu, but I haven’t had it yet. Something about it seems like a bad idea.

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I love coffee, and coffee-flavored-things, but combining coffee with sweet/citrus/sour flavors is tricky at best. A local cider brewery made a coffee-flavored tart hard cider recently, and every I know tried it, scrunched up their face, and said “that tasted like sour mud.”


I wonder if you could mix it with something that would mitigate it or be just the thing to transform it into something good. Any ideas? I have no idea what, I just hate to see stuff go to waste, and it seems like a ripe area for experimentation seeing as they have a whole batch of stuff that isn’t tasty on its own.


Well, it didn’t go to waste – I only got a few cans and we finished them – but it was just a super-limited-batch experiment by the brewery. Thankfully.

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