REVIEW: "Department of Truth," a conspiracy thriller about conspiracy theories that literally change reality

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I’ve been down that wormhole. It is WEIRD. Definitely reality-warping.

My favorite W.K. tune—the payoff at the end is pure bliss.

I really like the art for this comic—I’ll have to check it out.

Of course, no literary discussion of conspiracy theories and reality-warping is complete with mention of Eco’s Foucault’s Pendulum—so good, I can’t recommend it enough!



It’s a re-hash of the OG ‘Paul McCartney is a ringer’ conspiracy tho. Which my mother firmly believes and is writing a book about, so I believe. She was gonna go round interviewing various famous & semi famous boomers about it, but the plague intervened (probably for the best, or Maccas would have perforce had her whacked, presumably :upside_down_face:).

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I second that recommendation, having come here to say the same thing. In its place I will also recommend his book Numero Zero, which plays with similar themes and is a lighter read.


Paul is dead.

Also, the Beatles reformed as a Canadian prog band in 1973.

The clues are all there, and it makes more sense when you’re really really high.


500 pages of novel about it sounds adequate! (Yipes!) Good luck to that venture (and you know, screenplays.)

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