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William Chyr’s abyss stares back. It’s a good puzzle game, too.


Sounds ideal for VR! :wink:


So, I guess I can look forward to adding this to my backlog when it is the subject of a free giveaway any time now.


I started playing this yesterday on iOS following @beschizza’s recommendation on Twitter.

Its flat shading, lack of narration, and puzzle style strongly reminded me of the amazing Antichamber from 2013.

(though Antichamber lacks the display of infinity that makes Manifold Garden so interesting)




I would totally buy this game.

However, I will never pay for a subscription service for apps. So piss off, Apple Arcade.



Goddamn Rob, your writing is so evocative and recognisably yours, even in a ‘mere’ video game review. I’ll probably never play this but my world is now a little richer for knowing it exists.


I didn’t realize this game was just released.
Watch a playthrough, it’s amazing.

“I did secretely make a version that works in VR at some point and it looks great, but also incredibly nauseating :)”

– one of the game’s developers, in the comments on the rock, Paper, Shotgun review

I’ve been following this for a while; I’ll be waiting for the PS4 version because that’s got a much more pleasant setup for games than my computer.


I don’t like games that are subscription only, and on iOS it seems to be subscription only via Apple’s new service. I like to own a game. I play so few games, but the ones that I do play I tend to go back to. Also, subscription only games seem destined to be forgotten, lot to DRM, unable to be played via emulation. Also, what does a subscription add to this game? Is there fantastic cooperative game play that adds to the game as one plays? Is new content being delivered regularly via subscription? I don’t know about the other services that are offering the game, but on iOS this push for subscription services leaves me cold, and I can’t help but think it will hurt more developers than it helps.

[Edit to add]
Anybody else look at the opening image/Gif and hear a descending [shepard tone](

And bonus- Audio Illusion Tone Generator- Starting with the red slider every other one is a downward shepard tone.

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A reason to subscribe? I’d imagine the publisher brokered a pretty sweet deal with Apple, but they lost me as a until I can actually buy it. I’m not interested in subscribing to yet another service.


This looks incredibly gorgeous in a geometric and desolate way that kind of stirrs my soul. The puzzles, god I love puzzles

For some reason it speaks to the watchmaker in me, halls of geometricism.

I would buy this in a heartbeat. I will never do subscription to a game but to echo someone else, deeply happy to know this exists somewhere

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