Review of Criterion Collection's "Crumb" and "Ghost World" DVDs

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I shared a table with him at a gala dinner for the opening of the Walt Disney Family Museum in '07. As I recall he was accompanied by a younger woman who he described as his creative collaborator but on reflection must have been his wife Melissa Axelrod. I still wish I’d thought of something interesting to say at the time.


I have a couple of criterion blurays and dvds, and most of the supplements are textual in nature; I should really read them…

Rififfi (DVD)
Le Cercle Rouge (DVD)
Chronos (Bluray)
The 400 Blows (Bluray)
Brazil (16:9 DVD only release, with no extras)
The Leopard (Blu)
World on a Wire (Blu)
Bob le Flambuer (DVD)
Rules of the Game (DVD) )(featuring a lecture as the commentary track)

Maybe only the high priced sets are as well stocked as an Infocom game.

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