Review: Poor Things is a masterfully decadent third-wave feminist film

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Saw the movie last week. I would have laughed more had I not been constantly stunned by the sheer brilliance of the film. Non-stop brilliant acting and filmmaking like a high wire act.

Well, I mean, that’s kind of consistent with the whole American mythos, isn’t it? You have a problem, you shoot it, problem solved. Split from England and now we’re free. Freed the slaves and now everyone’s equal and happy. Overturned Roe and now the babies are all saved with no lingering complications.

So much of this film was disturbing in the best way. The ending was a bit of a let-down, I was so sure that Godwin’s brain would be transplanted into Alfie’s body. It would have been much worse to have had ]Bella meekly go back to Alfie like in the book, but ending like they did with Alfie’s body implanted with the brain of a goat seemed pointlessly cruel, and a disservice to the goat.

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