Rian Johnson will kill you if you talk or text during his new movie

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They’re in the best spirit of this classic PSA from the Nuart in Santa Monica.


I also like that they are unambiguous about phone use. They say “keep your phone dark, silent, and out of sight”. People mostly obey that, except when they want to see the menu again.


And the Uptown in Minneapolis!


Ugh, not only do they never see that there are lights underneath the tables, but instead of using the light of their screens to read by in the dark, they break out their solar flare flashlights. Still the best moviegoing experience I can get around here.

Still my all-time favorite Alamo don’t talk PSA (mildly NSFW):


I have no doubt of Rian Johnson’s murderous credentials. He already killed all of my interest in Star Wars.

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Just one of the many, many reasons why I dearly love The Alamo. There are also ‘shut the fuck up’ PSAs that have been done by Chuck Norris and Ann Richards. They really are serious about this.


What? ‘The Phantom Menace’ wasn’t enough???


Having only recently experienced Alamo Drafhouse after moving to Austin, I can say pretty definitively that they have one of the best moviegoing experiences around. Certainly better than anything that can be found in the GTA, by an order of magnitude - the Cineplex Odeon “VIP” managers need to come down here and see how it’s done.

Now, if only they’d get IMAX screens!


Yes! Alamo is a place to watch a movie where you can actually WATCH A MOVIE without being subjected to your seatmate’s Insta updates or recounting of what happened last weekend or random commentary from that guy over there.

Plus, BEER.


I’m also a huge fan of their special events. Years ago, they had a screening of “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle” in a local park. For the price of admission, you also received all-you-could-eat White Castles (they actually brought in a grill, and cooked 'em up right there) and all-you-could-stand Lone Star (okay, I think they gave you two).


I say this as one who loves and misses the Ivory Towers greatly but there are limits so FTFY.


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