Richard Dawkins on artificial intelligence, agnosticism, and utopia

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But has Mr. Dawkins tried to not listen to what Mr. Musk has to say for 2 weeks and then consider wether or not his life has been impacted?


Richard Dawkins is one of my heroes. I think it’s a common belief that agnosticism and atheism are 2 separate states, when they are actually 2 continuums. I’m pretty sure I learned that from a Richard Dawkins talk.

Agnostic v Gnostic v Atheist v Theist


No. I really don’t.


Whoa, whoa, whoa - no fairies? He’s a madman who must be stopped!
I dunno about this Musk worship, either. As far as I can tell, Musk’s greatest accomplishment was convincing people electric cars were luxury items, allowing him to put really expensive batteries in them.


You forgot “sexist dickbag” in that little hagiographic intro up there.


Doesn’t account for someone like me. I don’t think there is a god/ are gods, but I really hope the version I like exists.


Maybe hope is another continuum. I identify as an agnostic atheist, but I hope a got exists too.

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I like the idea of x, y, z axis! If we can add even more, it might begin to approximate the actual complexity of the universe(s) in which we find ourselves!


Why limit yourself to 3 Dimensions? Go full R. Buckminster Fuller and declare there are four Synergic Dimensions.

I have a strong non-believe-non-faith in you that given time, a pattern will emerge that ties it all together.

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LOL! I’ll be sure to include Fuller in a future sermon. :wink:

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Really? Why do you say that. I’ve never found him to be sexist, although he has been open about disagreeing with the tactics of the tiny subset of feminism made up of rich white western people.

I think it’s dishonest to label him sexist because he feels that fighting religious and especially Islamic ideas about the treatment of women is more important than combating the microaggressions that ultra privileged women have to deal with.

He’s critical of the same things in white feminism that the intersectionalists are, and he’s meaner about it because he’s Dawkins.


Hm. Where on this chart would be “doesn’t care one way or another”?


By the Easter Bunny.

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God isn’t a continuum; it’s a category error.

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I initially thought Elon was a real asshole from what I read, but his track records shows that he can deliver pretty damn amazing things, and not just talk. He deserves the credit he’s given. Yeah, nobody has to, but listening to him doesn’t make you a dick either (liking and defending the dick behavior, however, does).

It’s not just that he thinks it’s more important to worry about the sexism in Islamic Fundamentalist societies, it’s that he gets goddamn livid at the mere suggestion that there may be a sexism problem within the “rationalist” movement and immediately jumped to attack “ultra privileged” women for bringing attention to it.

Basically his stance on the issue is “we aren’t the ones forcibly cutting off clitorises so maybe you Western feminists should just shut the fuck up.”


Yeah Dawkins doesn’t so much have a concern about sexism in Islamic Fundamentalist societies as he uses that as a convenient way to attack all of Islam, Arabs, and Levantine ethnic groups that tend to be Muslim. You can tell by the way he also uses the treatment of women in Muslim, Arab, and African societies to completely dismiss any and all concerns about gender bias in any other context. When you get to the point where you’re telling women that they haven’t experience sexism because little girls in Africa have been subjected female circumcision. And the real problem is totally Muslims! You’ve sort of lost the thread.

Dawkins is a bigot. Always been a bigot. He doesn’t give a shit about rationality. He doesn’t give a shit about the treatment of women. He doesn’t give a shit about oppression, or inequality. He gives a shit about smearing groups he dislikes. And the groups he dislikes are curiously similar to the groups you would assume an older British man dislikes. Cathlics, Arabs, and uppity women.

Hitchens was worse. When so many of the foundational figures of your “movement” are the same sort of asshole. I’m shocked anyone was surprised by the social biases embedded in the skeptic/new atheist movement.



Well, if your version has no problem with me sleeping in on the weekends, then you and I are on the same page.