Richard Dawkins reading hate mail

Might be the best thing ever this week. He’s gay and stupid - a gay-theist.


Exploration of the pronunciation of beatch is sublime!


Suddenly, a Southern Dawkins appears!
Southern Dawkins uses drawl

  • bee-yich sound effect *


LDoBe has Fainted.


You know, being the poster boy for atheism and evolution is no easy thing in this world, especially certain parts of this world. It takes a strong person to be on the receiving end of such constant hatred and threats (and I wouldn’t be surprised if he has been harassed or attacked in public) and not let let it get to you too much.

Of course hate mail which pretty much amounts to “you’re a faggot” is easy to laugh at, and “you’re going to hell” has zero effect on an atheist, but there must be some actually hurtful things people say to you. I suppose the support he gets from colleagues and fans keeps him afloat.

Kudos to Richard Dawkins for taking most of the shit fundamentalists keep flinging (kind of like apes, which we’re totally not related to, though!) for all of us atheists.


Richard Dawkins sometimes puts his foot in his mouth, and isn’t always the most likeable guy, and there’s quite a few occasions where I really disagree with what he has to say, but you can’t say he doesn’t have a sense of humor, and he’s got a much thicker skin than a lot of religious icons.

*Cough * David Miscavige *Cough * Thin skinned legal bully who doesn’t know what’s good for him *Cough cough *


Yeah, I don’t agree with him always either, and the thing with Skepchick left a permanent bad taste in my mouth. But regardless of his personality, he has fought a good fight for the sake of atheism and evolution. And he has written a few good books (The Blind Watchmaker or The Selfish Gene probably being my favorite).


I’d say he’s most concerned with rationality and clear thinking.

Also, about the deal with Skepchick… Ugh. But at least he didn’t insist that women aren’t funny on shoddy evo-psych grounds like Hitchens did.
Hitch was a guy I have serious issues with on political and gender equality grounds, but dammit I miss him so much.


Well put. We (meaning me right now, because I worded myself poorly) ought to not frame it as a religion vs. atheism, but rather as a quest for the spread of logic and rationalism.

I haven’t even heard about that, and honestly don’t even want to hear the details because I can guess already. Evo-psych is a field with a lot of potential, but it’s such an easy way for people to confirm their preconceived notions about gender, race or other such human qualities. Not to mention all the people with no scientific background whatsoever coming up with their own theories about why it’s natural for men to cheat or why women aren’t as smart and so on…

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Yeah, there’s an hour long interview with Hitchens with the Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe for premium members. You can listen to Rebecca Watson be totally starstruck by Hitchens and giggle like a little schoolgirl, then make some bad jokes that fall flat because she’s obviously nervous and not bringing her A-game. Then Hitch goes off on a rant about how women aren’t funny “because men already like women and have to work for their attention and women don’t have to compete for men and work for their attention”. It was very disappointing. Steve and Jay and Evan don’t bother to help Rebecca out either. Probably because they didn’t want to offend her spunkiness or something. It was bad all around, and I felt bad for Rebecca getting verbally assaulted by such a formidable speaker as Hitch, who is also a huge celebrity to us.


Of course there’s his statements about Downs and his insulting non-apology. Although it isn’t heritable, so he was able to argue that his statements weren’t eugenics, they were rooted in eugenicist attitudes, and reinforced eugenicist attitudes. As it is, those of us with disabilities often face harassment, discrimination, and lack of accommodations, and sometimes get killed. And he tried to argue that opposition to eugenicist ideology meant opposition to reproductive rights.

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