Richard Feynman explains rubber bands


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Neat stuff. Of course, I reached right for the nearest rubber band. I think you may have misspelled “Jiggling things.”

The fact that contracting rubber bands cool down was used to explain to me (somewhere) how air-conditioners work.

I’ve seen a lot of Feynman clips, but this one I’d never seen.

Great stuff, more people need more exposure to the man’s brilliance and kindness, even those who are already familiar with him, as I personally seem to have demonstrated.

“The world is a dynamic mess of giggling things if you look at it
right. And if you magnify, you will hardly see a little thing anymore,
because everything is jiggling in its own pattern…”

It appears that the misspelling occurred in the original transcript too. I find it delightfully whimsical that they might be jiggling and giggling at the same time. It sounds like great fun.

I, too, came to comment on the spelling mistake. The world is a dynamic mess filled with jiggling things. FOX News is a dynamic mess filled with giggling things.

Heat causes it? Is this why so often old rubber bands seem to melt and adhere to whatever they’re sitting on?

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the best part is how delighted he is about all this molecular activity…!

This jolly German gentleman puts the observation to practical use.

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His palpable passion and joy are what helps Feynman be such an effective science advocate.

“The world is a dynamic mess of jiggling things”

Too bad he wasn’t given some Japanese butt pudding to talk about.

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