Richard Kadrey's Passive-Aggressive Oblique Strategies

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they are kind of absurd but i’m failing to see what is passive-aggressive about them?


Swore the “yell at an egg” comment was a Black Books reference. But no - about the 19’ 10" mark of this was what I was thinking of :

“Leave town with an orange and pretend you’re laughing at it.”

Still, pretty good advice.


Who says a banjo doesn’t have two sides?

You do NOT want to get on the bad side of a banjo.


Exactly. I’m not going to judge until I hear what the accordion has to say.


Nobody EVER wants to hear from the accordion!

(Definition of ‘gentleman’ - someone who can play the accordion but does not. I think I read that here somewhere, not so long ago.)


Back in the early '90s when I first learned about the Oblique Strategies cards I was a broke college student and wouldn’t have been able to afford a set, even if there had been a way to purchase it from rural Indiana. But my school had a computer lab. So I found a list of all the Strategies on a Usenet list (I forget which one!), entered them into a spreadsheet, merged it into a printable sticker template, printed the Strategies out on stickers, and stuck them to cards.

The side benefit of this was that I could, in fact, add my own homegrown strategies to the deck. And I did! I wish I still had that set–I’d love to go back and see what kind of cognitive and motivational workarounds my younger self was discovering!


Word; you might even end up in a duel.

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There are rumors of one edition with a “misplace this deck and forget you saw this card” card. Entirely sold out. Entirely gone.

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