Ride out the end of the world in Prince's tour bus

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Mrs Peas and I had just been discussing getting a used bus as a home office/school…


Dig if you will this tour bus.


I couldn’t find any reference to being in storage in the Mecum listing. Based on the photos and documentation it looks like it has seen a fair amount of use (180k miles) and perhaps has been a rental at some point (says “generator use included” in the list of equipment). The interior and exterior look great but I wonder if the handgun motif is original Prince or not.

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I wonder if there’s still any party favors in the cushions…

Go through that beauty with a black-light and I’m sure one could scrape together enough DNA to clone Prince… or a fair facsimile of, might be other DNA in the mix :grin:

OK I’ll say it myself ewww!

Also, had me wondering if Prince would ‘speak to the bus driver while the bus was in motion’?

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