Ridiculously detailed typographical analysis of Blade Runner


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Will have to dive in when I have more time. I love typography, and it is great when people like directors pay attention to that sort of thing.


That site is truly magnificent.


Thirdly, and most importantly, the date section of Leon’s serial number is just plain wrong. He’s listed with a serial number date section of 41717, and yet he was incepted on 41017: Honestly, folks: these are the kinds of details that make or break a movie. Despite the fact that Ridley Scott’s Final Cut of Blade Runner rectified many on-screen glitches, I am sad to report that this typographic error is still awaiting correction.

The Horror!


I’m fairly sure the author was being sarcastic.


I thought it was interesting that they created a fictional entrance to the real-life Bradbury building and used a different font. Was the real entrance and its font so bad?


I guess it wasn’t future-y enough?

(I am pretty sure those stores weren’t there in 1982, you can ignore those.)


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