Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep – A graphic novel of Philip K. Dick’s original story that inspired Blade Runner


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Great story. Way over-done illustrations.

This weird graphic novel about a strange world has almost as many words as pictures.

It seems to have many, many more words than pictures.

You had me at Sienkiewicz.

Fuck yeah.

I hope it’s up to the mind-blowingly brilliant Bill Sienkiewicz of Stray Toasters and Elektra: Assassin.

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While I always liked the movie, it had almost nothing to do with the book. Can’t wait to read this version.

I always liked that they bought the cinematic rights to Blade Runner (about scalpel smuggling), just to use the title.

I don’t think any of the pictured sample pages are Sienkiewicz, unless he had a stroke or something and lost all his talent. Also I thought that coloring style went out about fifteen years ago when artists got over the novelty of Photoshop.


they do.

Of course its gonna be weirder than PKD or Ridley Scott’s versions.

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I’m mostly familiar with his work on New Mutants, and some odd Wolverine one shot where his immune system started rejecting the Adamantium.

Way too much text. The secret to adapting novels and stories to comics (which I’ve done) is to use as little of the actual text as possible and let it be a comic book. Transplanting huge chunks of text really defeats the whole purpose.

BTW – Sienkiewicz only did the cover.

Thanks for that info. You just moved this book far down my list of things I want.

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Well, it’s a distinctive title, and certainly easier to publicize than Dick’s original. But the name Blade Runner is so familiar now that I wonder if it diminishes the chances (if there ever were any) of a cinematic adaptation of Burroughs’ novella. Or what might have become of the rights to it.

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