Ridiculously violent rodeo for kids where men pretend to be bucking broncos


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At least PETA won’t be complaining.


Holy shit! Not just baby, it’s a surprise Dad didn’t break his neck too.

We did not do this back when I was in Y-Indian Guides.


Well… that was different. This is how fetishes form…

Where was this?


They don’t show the aftermath, when the veterinarians come in and put down all the fathers with broken legs.


Well, that was weird. And unexpected.

And maybe also a good way to get your kids taken away from you.


That was preferable to the pre-show gelding.


I was all prepared for a bit of cuteness. Jesus, that was over the top.


I just want to un-see that, pronto.


If it was a parent/guardian taking a kid to a metal or other hardcore show and the kid was head-banging that hard most of this crowd would be talking about how cool the parent/kid is*.

/*90% would, however, bring up hearing protection.


Yes, that’s not too far from what riding and getting thrown from a wild horse is like. But the big difference here is that there is less risk of the human/horse stepping on you by accident. That is what scares me most about falling off of a horse.


Not even David Lynch would have thought of that!


Google mutton busting. That is all.


I mutton busted when I was a kid. This is weirder.


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