Ridley Scott's revenge?

I always miss out on this. I gotta pay more attention, get on the mailing list or set an alarm or something. I live literally walking distance from JPL (went for a wee hike with my 6-year-old at Devil’s Gate dam just this past Saturday), and I always hear about the event literally on the day, half an hour before it ends. I can’t wait to take my kids. And my kid self, since I’ve loved space since before I can remember.


I work with someone who interned there. He’d have gone back, if they were hiring.

Always seems like a good place to work, I used a lot of papers they’d published for research when I was doing my Masters. I’d need to sort out that pesky citizenship stuff, though.

You ever wanna swing by and visit, you got a place to crash.


In SLC as well.

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Badass Space Meetup - JPL Open House 2016.


Here’s an idea, let’s write out our acronym at least once before we use it in place of the actual words.
(FYI everyone not in the US: JPL isn’t short for Japanese Leprechauns.)

Follow Your Instincts?

Université de Strasbourg?


tbh ur really erudite nearly knowing everything.

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