RIP, author Carol Emshwiller

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Carmen Dog (1988)

My Dear Wife was never the same after that book.


I got to know Carol a little when I worked in New York. Ellen Datlow liked to organize social lunches and Carol would come when she could. She was always pretty sharp.

And yeah, Ledoyt is a great book. At one point I had the manuscript for The Mount, but I couldn’t get my corporate overlords to go for it.


Long live Jane Linscold…

I ran into her work in a roundabout way: I was scratching my head over the credits in an early Mekas film thinking: Emshwiller? What’s an Emshwiller? A bit of Googling and, oh, wait, I know that science fiction art, who doesn’t it?, but, hmmmm, he made movies? Weird, well, okay, and he filmed Dylan. Then, the only movie I could track down by Ed Emshwiller featured, hmmmm, his wife, Carol. Another artist? An actress? Maybe. Wait, there’s a Carol Emshiller listed in the NYPL and, hey, this book by her, The Mount, is available as a ebook. Yes, please, I’d like a copy. Zing! Hmmmm, is there more? The Mount was published recently and yet she must be nearly 100 . . . all of which caught my attention so I tracked down what I could find and she’s been a fave ever since. The only thing I don’t like about her work is that I didn’t know about it thirty years ago.

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