RIP Kate Wilhelm, science fiction great and co-founder of the Clarion Workshop

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Subjunctive? All the great things she did and I’m focusing on grammar lessons from Cory. Sorry.

Clearly there’s a big Kate Wilhelm-shaped hole in my SF reading/education. Any tips where to start filling it, anyone? Thanks :slight_smile:

I was introduced to her writing with Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang. I found it timeless (although published in 1976) and engaging. I seem to recall that I devoured it in one or two sittings and then, I had to go back and re-read it because it was so good.

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I love her shorter fiction. Probably one of her most famous pieces, “Baby You Were Great!,” resonates so much with modern society–between 1968 and now it’s become less science fiction and more “yeah, that seems plausible.” There’s a PDF of it at,%20Kate/Anglais/Wilhelm,%20Kate%20-%20Baby,%20You%20Were%20Great.pdf . (Not sure if it’s OK to link it, but easier to ask forgiveness, etc.)


@Shibi_SF and @acorrino - thank you both very much!

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