RIP Colonel Meow




RIP Colonel. You will always be the greatest freaky monstrous werewolf-cat the world has ever known. A creature from a nightmare…a fluffy, fluffy nightmare. You will be missed.


But… like Aslan, he will rise again upon the third day, and all shall bow down and worship him.


i thought i knew my internet cats… from Keyboard to Sockington to Maru and Simon and back… how did i manage to miss out on Colonel Meow?? condolences, Slave Beast. the Colonel looked like he was a force of nature.


So sad that you have left us, Colonel.

I will see your haughty frown in every thunderstorm from now on.


I never saw the kitten pic of him before – that scowl seems to have been a fixture since birth. So long fluffer-nutters




Ditto. :confused:


I don’t know how I’d never seen/heard of Colonel Meow before, but let me raise my voice with yours in praise of this awesome. fucking. cat.

My condolences to his humans.

Colonel Meow! I just had to type that again.


I has a sad.


I’m going to be heartbroken when Maru passes. His Zen videos have given me invaluable stress relief.

Farewell Colonel Meow, you have finally transcended this mortal world to become a true God of the Internet.


Did anyone ever groom him? He was way too hairy. I love all cats.


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