RIP: David Soul of "Starsky and Hutch" died yesterday at age 80

I watched Salem’s Lot as a teen, and I wasn’t able to leave the window open at night for… days?.. Weeks?.. Months?.. no… Years… it was definitely Years. :grimacing:

I was “too cool” for Soul’s singing career; but now I can appreciate his songs for their warm nostalgia.


Oh i was just a kid. But I was a bit more disco than that personally. Now i listen to that song and marvel at how many chords an MOR song like that had compared to what they do now. That’s not a “things were better then” thing, just an observation of what had been calculated many times over. What particular parts of music are difficult or complex and valued is always evolving everywhere.


James Mason was the best “Renfield” on screen.
(I guess we call them “familiars” nowadays)


What a voice, and what sad eyes.


The perfect Humbert to Sue Lyon’s Lolita.


I asked my son about it and he straight away said “you could tell because of how the fog flowed in”, whereas when I was that age I just considered it creepy and left it at that. No need to give it thought and have daymares!


My BF and I both love that film. We both watched it when it was first broadcast. Even my mom enjoyed it then, and when I rented it from the Detroit Public Library almost a decade later. My BF and I have watched it a couple times within the last few years, and it’s probably that time again.

Mr Soul admirably acquitted himself in the role, somehow keeping it together as the world fell apart around him. Lance Kerwin was great in it, too.

I didn’t read the book until the mid-80s. B/c I’d seen the movie on tv, I was “seeing” those actors as I read the novel. Mr King’s other 'Salem’s Lot visitations are also V good.

The 2004 remake was surprisingly tolerable. The '87 Return to 'Salem’s Lot, not so much.

Shadow of the Vampire (2000), with Willem Dafoe and John Malkovitch Malkovitch Malkovitch is also superb, but prob’ly not for a kid.

Hammer’s Karnstein Trilogy is a pretty cool old vampire film series, but not unless your son’s mature enough for movies with boobies in. :wink:


Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter, is a favourite of mine.


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