RIP, Jay Leggett 1963-2013


Bye, Jay.

Ya know, Jay was perfectly aware of his weight problem. I’m not sure what you’re trying to say with the above comment but there are many of us who knew and loved Jay and are really upset right now. I’m not sure of the above “improves the conversation” in some/any way.

I first met Jay in 1988 when we were performers in the same show at Hershey Park. It was, as all theme park performing is, grueling and often dispiriting work. Jay was our show captain and doggedly pressed us for perfection, professionalism, and consistency. In the end, it was one of the best lessons in performing long term that I have ever learned and it drives my work ethic to this day. He was funny, warm, never put that damned guitar down the whole time I knew him, and the world is not a bright as place without him here. Thank you, Jason, for posting an announcement here on boingboing.

My condolences to you, Jason. And to all of Jay’s friends/family who may find themselves here.

To the folks who knew him, I’m sorry for your loss. It’s no real consolation but it sounds like he died after a day of doing what he loved.

One of the most talented ad funny people have ever known….truly an inspiration -RIP Jay

I see nothing disrespectful or offensive in the simple words, “Bye, Jay.” What is it you object to?

The offensive post was deleted.

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