WATCH: Hilarious and heartbreaking 'I Am Chris Farley' trailer

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Not coming to my city, sadly. I guess I’ll have to catch it in some other format. It’s crazy to think that when he died, he was 4 years younger than I am now.

Chris interviewing Paul McCartney - might as well have been real for me.

Talent wasted because of one’s inability to not use cocaine and heroin.

/How stupid

/understand addiction much?


most likely more than you do.

Will power, whatta bitch

Maybe, maybe not.
I smoked cigarettes for 25 years and miss it every single day of my life, but don’t smoke.
I get will power and addiction. But none of us know jack shit about what went on inside that guy’s head.
I’m not going to vote for a drug addict, and don’t like having to work for/with people with excess problems, but again - I don’t know anything about their insides.

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Over a decade as a supervisor for the State on New York’s Dept. of Mental Health.
Also smoked 3 packs of Marlboro 100’s for at least as long as you, maybe a few years longer.
No pill or patch, just quit one morning ( woke up and reached for a smoke and asked myself why )
Don’t miss it nor think about it even tho my otherhalf smokes still.

Money/Fame/access can and will do you in if you lack the will power to say no.
At the end of the day it’s the persons choice to start down that path. No one forced a needle onto Chris’s arm.

It took you 25 years to smoke 60 cigarettes?


ohhh how witty of you.
I’ll guess that was the best comment you had at the time. How sad.
Here, let’s make you happy:
/Also smoked 3 packs of Marlboro 100’s a day for at least as long as you

I think you’re still nic’ing.

And I think you are a basement dwelling momma’s boy.
Back under that bridge.


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