RIP Moles, 'Electric Dreams' and 'Twin Peaks' Actor Lenny von Dohlen has died

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I’m very fond of that movie too. Condolences to his family.


Ah this hurts, still one of my favourite movies.


Electric Dreams was not that great, and von Dohlen had to do a lot of heavy lifting making awkward scenes look decent.

That being said I loved the movie, thought Moles was nerdy charismatic, and I remember being honestly troubled by the computer.

It does make me wonder why I was so drawn to a movie that I simultaneously didn’t think was very well done. Normalizing nerdom? Giving life and passion to those dull beige pcs and green screens I was accustomed to? A contemporary Frankenstein?

Anyway… thank you Lenny for your beloved portrayal.


It brought the same inaccurate misrepresentation of how computers work that movies have always done for classical musicians, and brought them together in the same movie for a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of ludicrousness.

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It wasn’t a realistic depiction of computers, but along with Wargames released the year before, it was one of the first movies to notice that home computers were a thing and how they would change society. Yes, both had the standard “computers can really think” misconception, but that dates back to 1945’s ENIAC which was described as an “electronic brain” by the media.

:heart: Electric Dreams; it’s time for a rewatch.

I don’t feel nearly old enough to see 80s movie actors wink out, but my ever-greying hair tries to remind me of how wrongy-wrong I am.

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