Supercut of 80s movies' computer hacking

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“Mr Potato Head… Mr Potato Head! Back doors are not secret!”


I posted this in the Underated movies thread, but it deserves more attention. One of the movies in this supercut is Electric Dreams which has recently been put up on YouTube in full HD. This is one of my all time favorite movies, with a soundtrack produced by Giorgio Morodor featuring Culture Club at their best and Jeff Lynne. The soundtrack is such a gem.

After years of it being unavailble or very hard to find, I was finally able to watch it again, this time with my 17 year old daughter, and it is as charming as ever, whether you lived through the 80’s or not.


Been a long time since I thought about that movie.

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So it’s Jules et Jim meets Her ?

Heyyyy, what is that Blade Runner clip doing in there? Just because there’s some green text on a black screen? Harrumph. But yeah, I love this stuff :slight_smile:

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