Video: computer hacking in 1980s movies





a Voight-Kampff test is not hacking …


Also Bladerunner takes place in 2019…


Com Truise fuck yes


but it was… made in … the 1980s.


I realize this.

Bladerunner just seems out of place thematically since all the other films take place in the 80s.


We should have take the hint. It was merely dumb and stupid then…but we thought it was cool to watch. Now hacking is beyond our comprehension…and yet its more boring and banal than ever.

Bring back Commodore 64, TRS-80, and Coleco Adam!! Those were the days.


I identified the movie, character name, and guessd the quote they used, just from the thumbnail for the video.

Excuse me, I’ll be over in the corner re-examining my life. Please disregard any sounds of weeping.


Leon was attempting to hack his own genetics by infiltrating the Tyrel Coorporation and stealing research.
Also Tyrel is already dead and being kept alive inside a shark on the very top floor so we may be experiencing a silicon dream of his as he comes to terms with what he has created. (lol)


Tron is SO beautiful!


I agree, but one could argue that Leon used a crude form of social engineering to bypass the test.


Oh no. I am terrified to watch this for fear of the extreme vicarious embarrassment.


There’s more realistic hacking in that clip than most TV and movies show now.


As social engineering goes, I suppose it doesn’t get much more crude than using a gun to blow the target through a wall.



Why didn’t I think of that?


Did Swordfish just lift all the 3d-hacking footage right out of Weird Science?


I think this qualifies as hacking… either way it’s some great protocyberstalking.


Shame that Sneakers was an early 90s film.


Contemporary portrayals of “hacking” really aren’t any better. The hardware’s better, but it’s all just as lame.


I love Prince of Darkness - it sadly contains a sell-by date in the script, but it’s still a totally weird flick.


And the scene in Never Say Never Again was a video game, used as intended. No hacking involved.