RIP Patrick Macnee, 'The Avengers' John Steed, 1922-2015


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a sad day. i remember my dad and i watching episodes of that together when i was 7 or 8 years old on our little black and white tv. it would have been around 1968 or so.


Are you trolling me? You know it’s Steed, right?
[edit: a better person than me would be able to photoshop a John Snood though]




Forget that comic book rubbish, Steed & Mrs Peel are the real Avengers! Or Steed, Purdey and Gambit if you prefer New Avengers…


I first heard his voice as the narrator for Battle Star Galactica. He was also the voice of the Imperious Leader of the Cylons, and later he plaid a brilliant Devil in an episode or two in the that fantastic expansive pantheon borrowing space opera.



Gambit’s an X-Man, not an Avenger.


Bloody fine good man, that Steed!


A Royal Bowler, if’n I’ve ever sighted one.


the definition of dapper. and handsome. i miss him already.


Brilliant in Spinal Tap as Sir Eton Hogg. “…tap into America!”


For me, the voice of Battlestar Galactica. Safe journey.


The very first dvd collection I ever bought.



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