RIP, Paul Prudhomme: TV chef popularized Cajun and creole cuisine, invented turducken

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Au revoir mon ami.


I’m not sure if he invented the turducken. This practice has been around since perhaps medieval ages (if not even much further before). Though typically that far back it was different birds/animals being stuffed into other birds/animals.

Still i am familiar with the name and what he’s done for Cajun cooking. He will be missed by many.


A true master chef from a more civilized age.

My first experiences in cooking revolved around his spice line. As a latchkey kid, I used his style and inspiration on a quest to perfect the “blackened omelet.”


So, Dom Deluise retired another of his aliases?

Honestly though, K-Paul’s was always a great place to have dinner. Dom, um, I mean Paul, was always perched on a bar stool greeting folks. Guess I’ll have to grill blackened steaks and bake a pecan/sweet potato pie in his memory.


The first time I saw Paul on TV it was recently after Dom had passed. When I saw him I thought to myself, “I thought he was no longer with us…”, then Paul started talking.

“Dom is creole!?”

Took me a few moments to figure out what was going on.


Rest in Pieces of andouille and redfish, chef.

I used to have to go to New Orleans on business half a dozen times a year for a few years. K-Paul’s was hand’s down the best restaurant I ever ate at. My New Orleans friends preferred their uptown Clancy’s, or their more chi-chi French Quarter restaurants, but I’ll take small homey restaurant with fewer tables and better food anyday!


I’m sorry, but I think you have mis attributed the bringing Cajun/Creole to the masses to the wrong chef.

That title always and forever has belonged to Justin Wilson


Rumors that he died of injuries trying to achieve his long planned masterpiece, the OstEmuTurDuckHen are pure conjecture.


Yup, there is a resemblance. Much like Samuel L Jackson & Morgan Freeman who get mistaken for one another.

However - Peter Boyle was Paul Prudhomme’s stage-name. Dom was their cousin. During a period of turmoil in the Italian Peninsula, Prudhomme’s ancestors fled to Louisiana, altered their surname to its French spelling and kept out of sight in Acadian settlements. This is why, presently, certain Cajun communities have some Italian derived names and even words.

This is a little known fact - but it is searchable. It’s not a secret - so why is this an obscure trivium?

Acting & Cheffing are pretty different - so people might see an uncanny resemblance but don’t think much about it. More relevant though, Peter/Paul passed their heyday around the advent of the widespread use of the Web. So, not a lot of reason for most viewers to look this one up (plus, thanks to SEO, it’s kinda buried.) Wikipedia has a lock down on both pages - not unheard of for individuals though.

Anyway - I can’t even make this stuff up. Paul Prudhomme (aka Peter Boyle) on the same screen as Sean Connery in Outland, among others. Wow.


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You’re not wrong, it’s been around for a lot longer than most people realise, he popularised & trademarked it

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The man made something that started with “turd” appetizing. That’s an impressive feat for any chef.

Hail and farewell.

I guar-on-tee!


Nobody ever calls me Chef Paul when I wear my hat. Just Dom DeLuise.

On the one hand, it seems I’m the last man standing. On the other hand, I may die at 75.


I think Prodhomme was known for taking Cajun/Creole foods that were of the masses and bringing them into cuisine culture - he was a chef at Commanders Palace, which is one of the most famous restaurants in NOLA…

My Wife has a copy of Paul Prudhomme’s Louisiana Kitchen:

As it was a fairly old book and he looked in the picture like the kind of guy who would eat himself to an early death, I was always pleased when I’d google him and find out he was still alive and well. Sad that he’s died, but he seems to have lived a long life well.

How to write “Gau-Ron-Tee” the right way, to represent his pronunciation? No idea.

Fantastic chef!

It gets a lot more impressive than that, if you’re willing to travel:

Never serve a camel to an unfriendly crowd!

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