Diner "overwhelmed with customers" after Michelin star awarded by mistake


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I prefer restaurants that become popular through word of mouth. :grinning::fr:


It’s just an alternative Michelin star.


Am I the only person who hears about Michelin stars and a chef putting her heart into her cooking and starts to worry about a new cannibalism trend? Still, the owners of that diner have a pretty unique story to tell now:

“Remember that time we accidentally got a Michelin star?”
“Oh that was hilarious! All those poshos phoning up, trying to book…”
“Yeah, the looks on their faces when they read through the menu! Priceless!”
“Can’t believe how many of them misunderstood the two-star Google review! Lol!”
“Yeah… about that…”


I wondered why the diner’s name was masculine when bouche is feminine, but a quick check shows that bouche à oreille is indeed masculine, so the Paris version is the cheap copy, unless the name is a wordplay that escapes my primitive French.


Please don’t do this. Everything is about Trump because everything is about Trump is circular logic and doesn’t justify a derail. Not everything needs to be about him, especially if people don’t make unrelated things about him. And aside from both the op and your story being about small restaurants, the two stories are completely unrelated.


This seems like the plot of a rom com, or a dark comedy. I’m 100% with either take.


Bonus points if the food sucks but people still raved about it. Which just proves like blind wine tasting the label colors people’s taste.



overwhelmed greasy spoon.

I like that, nice prose.

What is your Band Name, Rapper Name, Album Name

Seems likely. I was hoping someone could explain that.


Many of the new clientele were heard to exclaim it was the best meal they ever had…

Having eaten in many greasey spoons I’d like to think this is probably the truth.


I see what you did la.


This is actually kind of sad. I just hope that some locals that went to the wrong place decided that Le Bouche, a place they wouldn’t have otherwise had reason to try, was their new favorite humble brasserie at least.

Or a French food movie where the cook becomes inspired to turn the humble diner into a Michelin-starred restaurant, or where a food reviewer learns the value of friendship and community at a local brasserie can be equal to great food.


OK, but based on my very narrow genre based familiarity with French cinema ‘I put my heart into my cooking’ can only mean one slightly surreal, horrifying yet also hilarious thing.


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I don’t know why everyone raves about Michelin places anyway. I went to one for new tires once and I could barely even stomach the coffee.


Read it? I already wrote it!


Apparently someone needs more coffee over here!!!


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