RIP Teaforia, the $1000 IoT tea-infuser


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They should have called it “IoTea.”


“DRM” has officially become the “fake news” of this site in that it’s basically become devoid of any real meaning.


Luckily I’m sure that there’d be some Canadian willing to chooch one these apart.


rest in pieces


Saddest thing I’ve ever read.


Bill C-11 imposes similar penalties. Thank Tony Clement and James Moore.


Ah. I’m trying to forget the Harper years. Hard to do when he keeps coming back like salmonella poisoning.


As a British person who was unaware that this even existed until now… I have no words.


Well, maybe a few.


Here are some:


First Juicero and then THIS? Won’t someone think of the venture capitalists???


They should have called it Total Warhammer.


It is with heavy hearts we announce that we burned through the 12 million bucks. Please don’t ask us how . . . sob . . . it is just too difficult to talk about.


Good thing the first result returned when I google this is a link to a page by the company stating that they are intentionally removing all restrictions from the infuser with the latest update so that users can use it with any tea.

Them removing all restrictions “DRM” when they shut down their company is a good news story? I think so. All companies should be required to do this for discontinued products. I’m looking at you Apple, my iPad 2 is still a great device, but since you no longer support it please unlock it so it doesn’t end up being junked.

I’d still be worried about the limited lifespan once the app isn’t being maintained, typically 3-4 year window on iOS and slightly larger on android. One might have to keep an old device running to continue using the app after that point. This is still a crappy product that isn’t worth buying, but in the company’s final death throws they did make a few good choices, like unlocking everything on the way out.


All those poor dancing ladies, beverage brewers and special product importers who will now be hurting due to our lack of business meetings.


Douglas Adams beat me to all the good ones.

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Should have had Porsche or someone design it, gold plated it, then priced it at $25,000 and announced they were “accepting applications to purchase this unique marvel”.

They priced it too high for real people but not high enough for the people who own the 100 meter yachts, 2$20 million personal submarines and $200k motorcycles and off-road campers based on repurposed WWII main battle tanks salvaged from the Kursk battlefield we see featured here from time to time. :slight_smile:


What? Where do I get one of those? How did I miss that? It would go perfectly with my repurposed ex-RN destroyer/yacht.


keep your dick in the vice?