RIP, Tom Hayden: Yippie, radical, politician, author

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Wow! What a career, what a wonderful person to do what he did.

Wikipedia lists his son with a different surname, there’s a link to him as well and as soon as I saw he is an actor the name change made sense.

An interesting read ta!.


Tom Hayden was exceptional in that his commitment to the rights of young people and his recognition of their centrality to social change was consistent throughout his life, even as many of his comrades and admirers abandoned the idealism of their own youth starting in the 1980s. His move from protest to mainstream politics during that same period and his subsequent career demonstrated that pragmatism didn’t have to come at the cost of total abandonment of ideals.

Condolences to his family, friends, and colleagues.


Meanwhile, Sheldon Adelson manages to evade Death’s scythe to continue his plan to destroy all that is good.

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And yes, I think 76 can be considered “young”, especially these days.


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