RIP Wayne Rogers, 1933-2016

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That’s sad::pensive:

Safety, comfort and peace to his spirit.


I had a fleeting encounter with Wayne Rogers about 25 years ago:

1991, and I was driving a yellow cab in NYC. I pulled over near Lincoln center and picket up Wayne Rogers and a tall blonde woman. At the time, I had just finished an undergrad in theater and was trying to pursue a career in that field. I was a big MASH fan, and as an actor, I wanted to ask him questions about the craft - more probably just an attempt by me to appear…theatrical? …actor-ly?, I guess. Anyway, I spent the whole ride trying to ingratiate myself to him and he was a consummate pro – patiently answered my questions, appeared to genuinely and humbly accept my over the top praise, etc. Upon pulling up his destination (I think it was the Dakota - short ride) I thanked him and threw more kudos his way - he slid out and then his companion slid out. I hadn’t really paid too much attention to her, as I was starstruck by Trapper John. After she got out she then leaned her head back in, at which point I recognized her as Ann Jillian (another 80’s TV star of the time, dating Wayne), and she gave me the most sarcastic “Thanks a lot!” I’ve ever received - clearly miffed that I had fawned over Mr. Rogers and paid her no attention.

RIP, Trap.


Unfortunately, the last time I heard Rogers being mentioned in the news (well, not the news, Fox News), he was sputtering about how badly Obama was treating him and his nation.

When these actors wade into extremist politics, it never ends well.


When any entertainer of any sort starts talking politics, I stop listening.


Why limit it to entertainers?


Good point but I particularly stop reading/listening to authors, actors, musicians, etc. when they talk politics as I don’t want it to end up coloring my experience of their work/creations.

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Interesting…I always wondered why he didn’t play his “MAS*H” character on “Trapper John, M.D.”:


Training yourself to separate the work/creation from everything irrelevant has better results. You cannot rely on not getting an information. You have to rely on yourself in compartmentalizing it. It’s usually irrelevant anyway.

Its just a peculiarity of mine. Its one of those “what has been seen can not be unseen” things. Pretty well ruined my experience of two musicians who influenced me greatly when I found out they made some public anti-semitic statements. Such is life.

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Bwah hah hah - my niece’s middle names is Jillian, for her.

I’ll miss the actor. But, the odious political commentator who thought Obama should be impeached? Not so much. Should have stuck with acting.

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I always wondered what happened to him after he wrecked his career.

His low point was probably when he filled in for Larry Hagman (who had better things to do) as Major Tony Nelson in a horrible “I Dream of Jeannie” made-for-TV reunion movie.

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