Roast Duck Museum


Look at the size of that ancient RJ25 socket, under the duck oven!


You should see their rotary phone!!!

Speaking of museums of national dishes, I rather enjoyed the Kimchi Museum in Seoul. Apparently it’s closed indefinitely! So sad!

It’s an outrage! Think of how many ducks had to die to provide your museuming pleasure! It’s like the Great Wall… of ducks!

I have the immense luck (you should see me) of marriage to a Chinese lass.

I have therefore gained the Love of Duck. You never really look back. Nor forwards, nor sideways. You look down. At your empty plate. And want it filled again, and again, and again.

That said, as I read The Magic Finger (Roald Dahl) to my kids last night, you can’t help but imagine it wasn’t the biggest seller in China.

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