Rob Ford Appreciation Thread

Here we mourn all the vetoed comments that discussed whether ‘laughable bumblefuck’ is a suitable way to talk about someone, or just plain spiteful

A bit more sympathy for a guy with obvious alcohol and amphetamine abuse issues will begin the instant Mr. Ford chooses to acknowledge these issues, and resigns from his position of public trust in order to deal with them appropriately.

In terms of salary/entertainment value not a bad ratio. In terms of TCO a desaster of biblical proportions.

I appreciate the way he manages to resemble a character from Dickens / Roald Dahl. It’s actually rather hard to achieve.

Rob Ford wants to be Prime Minister once he’s done with being Mayor. I think this must be some kind of performance art, or the best troll ever.

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Prime Minister??? Has he been smok… Oh, wait, he has been.


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