Rob Ford, the opera


I feel like there should be a reference to a spear and magic helmet.


One song is about all he deserves. Rob Ford is no Bat Boy.

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Best. Bugs Bunny. EVER.


then you haven’t seen much of the internet.

At least Rob Ford is a pretty deserving target.

mis-for-tune, noun.

  • Bad luck
  • An unlucky condition or event

Boy, this guy’s had a shit-ton of bad luck, then, hasn’t he, including a 1999 arrest in Miami for DUI and pot possession; allegations of bad behavior while wasted. too numerous to count; a video showing him smoking crack cocaine; a video showing him yelling about needing “fucking 10 minutes to make sure he’s dead” (whoever “he” is, or was); allegations of grabbing Sarah Thompson’s ass; the 2010 conflict of interest trial, and so on. All events that he brought on himself.

Yet he’s still got his 6-figure job of mayor of Toronto. Seems like he’s a member of a wealthy and politically powerful family, no matter whether he loses his job.

Here’s to Rob Ford’s “misfortunes.” Guy’s a fucking thug.


Maybe Rob Ford should go all-out and start shooting up Krokodil?

Edit: Here in England we had a bank boss who was allegedly caught buying cocaine and who was swiftly removed from positions of responsibility whilst he ‘clears his name’ … why can’t Canada manage the same thing?

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