Rob Ford, the opera




I feel like there should be a reference to a spear and magic helmet.


One song is about all he deserves. Rob Ford is no Bat Boy.


Best. Bugs Bunny. EVER.


then you haven’t seen much of the internet.

At least Rob Ford is a pretty deserving target.


mis-for-tune, noun.

  • Bad luck
  • An unlucky condition or event

Boy, this guy’s had a shit-ton of bad luck, then, hasn’t he, including a 1999 arrest in Miami for DUI and pot possession; allegations of bad behavior while wasted. too numerous to count; a video showing him smoking crack cocaine; a video showing him yelling about needing “fucking 10 minutes to make sure he’s dead” (whoever “he” is, or was); allegations of grabbing Sarah Thompson’s ass; the 2010 conflict of interest trial, and so on. All events that he brought on himself.

Yet he’s still got his 6-figure job of mayor of Toronto. Seems like he’s a member of a wealthy and politically powerful family, no matter whether he loses his job.

Here’s to Rob Ford’s “misfortunes.” Guy’s a fucking thug.


Maybe Rob Ford should go all-out and start shooting up Krokodil?

Edit: Here in England we had a bank boss who was allegedly caught buying cocaine and who was swiftly removed from positions of responsibility whilst he ‘clears his name’ … why can’t Canada manage the same thing?

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