Robert F. Kennedy is a loud anti-vaxxer — unless people come to his own house. Then they need a vax

Totally a-hole AF.

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People rob banks because that’s where the money is. For the same reason, professional grifters target gullible dumbfucks.


A dangerous fuckwit.


Maybe he’s just hoping that they are correct about his dead cousin


This morning’s Chattanooga paper states that covidiot Marjorie Taylor Greene owns stock in three vaccine makers (although not Moderna).

Hypocrisy and premeditated mass murder?


RFKJr is not a native QAnon… Eg, RFK doesnt espouse Pizzagate/adrenochrome/StopTheSteal falsehoods.

But he’s effectively a QAnon on subject of vaccines.

Its weird how both RFK, Jr. and JFK, Jr. are/were such pale shadows of their fathers.

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Yeah, that’s why I put the negative sign in front of the -Q.

I wonder if a Qnut and a -Qnut get close to each other they annihilate each other in a massive explosion? :slightly_smiling_face:


“Brain-Rot” does not necessarily require the presence of an actual brain.

Believe it… or not.

Also… “(the) guy’s a serious rodent.”
– Sheila (BtVS 2.3)

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That’s’cos the world is round, so gravity dictates that going in either direction they’ll meet in the middle at the bottom. Antarctica is probably the best place for them, or at least the nearest remote island so they don’t pollute an otherwise pristine wilderness.


Vaccines are this weird area where the very far right and the very far left sort of meet up on the other side of the circle. You’ve got a lot of far left communist-anarchist-not sure what kinda -ist they are types who are very anti any sort of big-pharma product (the same ones that have told me antidepressants are the government subduing the population. Nevermind that I’m pretty damn subdued if I don’t take them). In my personal life in particular, these are the same people who think they need colonics. They ARE full of bullshit so maybe they aren’t wrong on that account…

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Are different in valuable families.


the politico link is broken? or is it just me?


The link worked for me. The relevant text, though, is way down in the “Playbookers” section:

TALES OF AN ANTI-VAXXER — Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is one of the most prominent anti-vaxxers in the country. So it came as a surprise when an invitation to a holiday party at his home in California last week urged attendees to be tested or vaccinated beforehand, two people familiar with the matter told Daniel Lippman.



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RFK’s stance has not been that vaccines are ok, get one if you want, but they shouldn’t be required. His public stance is that covid vaccines are deadly, it is criminal to give one to your children, and Dr. Fauci’s vaccine advocacy makes him like Hitler (publishing a whole book claiming Fauci is orchestrating a historic coup d’etat on western democracy). Anyone that can’t see that is contradictory to preferring that people coming to his house be vaccinated desperately needs to work on their critical thinking

Think Use Your Head GIF by LeVar Burton


Have we considered the possibility that the invitations weren’t actually written by his wife, but someone else made them and gave her a fake sample and so tricked her into acting like vaccines might be ok, in contrast to the dangerous anti-scientific nonsense he has been profiting from?

I mean, it doesn’t seem at all likely to me…but it’s not mathematically impossible, and apparently it’s important that we examine every conceivable excuse that Robert might not be the venal hypocrite evidence makes it appear, for reasons. :roll_eyes:


I’m not prepared to say that profiting from anti vaccination programs while making sure you and people like you benefit from vaccination is a form of ruling class eugenics.


I’m leaning towards a new theory. It’s the “rich white people” form of SWATting: you send out engraved invitations to a classy party to be held at the home of the target of your ire, then sit back and watch the fireworks! Seems plausible.
/s, of course.


The BB post omitted the testing option, that’s true. But also true is that BB is a blog and the authors do not claim to be or pretend to be journalists. IMO, generally, not reading the linked article is only giving a partial picture.
But the fact that you joined this forum to make this one point your raison d’etre raises suspicions, given the subject.
The post is about the hypocrisy of a dangerous anti-vaxxer, yet you are trying to make the thread into a nitpicky (IMO) criticism of the excerpts posted. You can @ authors directly with issues like that, or criticize in general on the meta threads specific to that purpose.
TL;DR version: adding there was a testing option is a valid point. But you don’t need to derail the whole thread for that. :woman_shrugging:t2:

ETA: oops. Between typing and hitting reply, a huge clean up occurred. I’ll just leave this here and see what happens. But feel free to flag if you think it threatens further derail. I won’t be offended!