Robert F. Kennedy Jr. plans to switch and run as Independent — unclear which party that helps

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It makes it easier for all voters to ignore him. He’s certainly not going to draw away any sane Democrats. That’s a good thing.


Guess he finally listened to those guys at Fivethirtyeight.


won’t stop the party from blaming him if they lose


I’m blaming him right now!


As we’ve discussed before there is only one President in American history who felt compelled to debate a Primary challenger: Gerald Ford. And Ford only did it because he was the first and only POTUS who wasn’t elected to the President or the Vice Presidency.

Political parties throwing their full weight behind an incumbent President from their side is how things almost always work.


This is my surprised face.

[Although it turns out he’s been in talks with those noted defenders of the environment from corporate despoilation, the Libertarians,.]


Here’s a taste of Kennedy’s campaign music.


He might draw a few votes from older conservative Democrats and Independents who’ve bought into the propaganda that Biden is a radical leftist, and from some older Democrats who haven’t been paying a lot of attention to … everything … and just see the name RFK, Jr., and think he’s like his father. That’s probably not that many people. I think it’s more likely that those are people unlikely to vote to begin with, but who knows? He’s not going to draw any votes away from Trump, though. That much is certain, I think. So I don’t think this is good news for Biden. It may not be bad news, but it’s not good news.



Sullying a great name. Go by RFK Jr, but to trade on his dad’s name like that for his absolutely twisted beliefs is just wrong.

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Are you offering any odds on that?


There are also edgelords with no skin in the game who still insist that there’s no difference between the two duopoly parties and who’ll vote for a clown like RFK Jr to make a point. Whether it’s the Libertarians or the Greens or No Labels that ultimately decides to take on his recognisable name (and the accompanying conservative funding and Russian disinfo campaigns), these privilege-blind nitwits will vote for him along with the others you mention. So yes, we’ll unfortunately have to continue debunking his toxic nonsense until next November.


I assume that Kennedy will spend all his time attacking the Democratic candidate, because that’s what the conservative billionaires funding his campaign want. So he won’t bother to court Republican voters, but he will try hard to discourage or draw away a few Democratic-leaning voters who might otherwise have supported the Democrat.

In a sane political system, this would probably have little to no impact. In one where the system has been engineered in such a way that small losses in critical areas can be decisive, it might be a bigger deal.


I hope the Libertarians take him in. He’s a pretty good fit for the current incarnation of that party, and I feel like it’s where he’d have the best chance of pulling voters from Trump.


Oh goodness no, that’s way too good for him!


Ol Bobby Barbells is making a honest go of it. Good for him and his foolish investors.

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Also sullying all the other Independents

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That boy needs therapy.

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