Robert Garrison, "Tommy" from the Karate Kid, RIP

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Sad news!


He was great at playing the loudmouth of the group.


Get him a body bag!
-Had to say it

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He really captured the big-talking henchman every teenage bully requires. Terrible that he died so young.


I also have to say that this movie and the morality it portrayed were pivotal in my young life. It was, and is, such an important exploration of love, identity, friendship, fallibility, perseverance, courage, error and recovery. RIP, Mr. Garrison. You were a great villain’s henchman.


His turn in Cobra Kai was really touching, if a little schmaltzy. I wonder how much they knew about his illness. I want to believe they used it as an opportunity to celebrate an old friend.

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Seems a little mean for the fact that he was just an actor. I mean, it’s not like the character died. The human being did. It’s not like I’m not the right age…just seems a bit off tune.

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