Robot learns to brush tangly hair without inflicting pain

Originally published at: Robot learns to brush tangly hair without inflicting pain | Boing Boing

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that seems less like “brushing your hair” and more like “touching you without hurting you”.

Seems pretty useful but wonder if the people developing this are taking the time to see if this works for all hair types including 4a and 4b types, which i would figure would be the hardest to get an automated combing system to work without causing pain. And just purely combing wouldn’t work, it would need to section hair, braid, etc.

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Even when I was a 3 it wasn’t easy to detangle my hair. If someone only familiar with 1 or maybe 2 was cutting my hair, it would take them twice as long. I can only imagine what a 4 must be like.

I would need to see proof that this works on hair types 3 and above. And even a 2. Otherwise it’s just more technological racism.


What is it they like about the taste of human hair? :grimacing:


Yup, at a minimum Hair Love-level proficiency…


My hair type is kind of in between 2a and 3a, and when wet it curls very readily. When i go see hairdressers that are unfamiliar with my hair type they have a really hard time with it and take a long time and usually end up cutting their fingers with their scissors a lot trying to get at my curly hair. I’ve long since decided its easier for me to get my hair cut the way i like it every few months by my mom when i go visit my folks.

My significant other has type 4b hair and its very thick. She tried getting me to help her once and i was really intimidated, i didn’t want to mess up her hair. But really at some point i should learn to help her out

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The courage it takes to proffer that question alone earns you a place in my heart forever.


TIL there’s a way to brush curly hair that isn’t painful.


My hair is somewhere in the 3s, my mother (who has straight hair) could never learn to brush it properly, but a robot can? Maybe the robot will be my mom…

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TIL that hair types are numbered.


And make the subject a fractious toddler as well.

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A fractious toddler with nonverbal autism, actually

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Based on the video, I wouldn’t let that robot brush my hair.

The fact that I’m bald has nothing to do with it. Really, trust me!

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I haven’t made it to full on bald yet, but what hair is there is only about 1/4". I do like a good head rub or scalp massage, but I’ve seen enough movies with robots to know that’s a big NOPE.

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