Weird video on how to remove ingrown pubic hair


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So, they couldn’t afford a human voice actor after spending their entire budget on all that quality illustration.

The horror. The horror.


I’m still confused about these signs I see for “laser hair removal”-- who even has “laser hairs” and why would you get them removed if you can shoot lasers out of them?


The machine voice was uncanny valley.

I especially appreciated how the big text box obscured the most “important” diagrams.


It sounds cool at first, but its gets tired real fast after you’ve tossed out three pairs of underwear in a week because you burned holes in them.


“With great power comes great responsibility.”


You think pubic laser hair is a problem? Scalp laser hair is terrible - lead-lined hijabs are incredibly heavy, and costly too.


Can you imagine how much littler the text could’ve possibly been had they used a male figure?


“And for your fin-al step, report to the nearest hu-man processing center.”


if not a bit eerie,


I like the magic stars around “cotton underwear”. It’s so obvious after all…


I think they made the voice over with a Speak and Spell.


Maybe they couldn’t find a human voice actor who was willing to voice a video on ingrown human pubic hair. I’m flabbergasted as to why they couldn’t find one, though. Flabbergasted.


Chuck Norris was busy that day.


It’s as if robots observed human beings for a few weeks, then decided to make this video on how to pluck a pubic ingrown hair.

Geeze, Alexa’s only had eyes for like a week! I guess driving turtles wasn’t enough for them.


Hey, whaddya think the Ken Burns effect is free? :thinking: Oh…


Do NOT taunt Happy Ingrown Pubic Hair!


I heard about a guy who plucked a nosehair, got an infection that got to his brain, and died.

Guess he forgot the name of that doxicilytriplecibate (or whatever) that the robot said to smear on afterward.


“Curse your foul ex-is-tence as an a-bom-in-a-tion on the earth, or-gan-ic being.”