Robotech: the Macross Saga

It must have been love, because pineapple salad always sounded really unappetizing to me.

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You’re safe with both the Original and Robotech versions of Macross. I love 'em both. Honestly, I prefer the music from Robotech. If you can find the original broadcast versions, the sound FX used are much better and varied than the new, updated version.

However, stay away from Robotech: The Movie. I was one of the lucky, or is it unlucky, ones to actually see this theatrically back in the day. I only really remember the final battle, but when it popped up on the interweb, I took another peak and understood why it was mostly forgotten.

There was also a fan dubbed parody of several Macross episodes that was making the rounds when I was a kid. We called it Super Deformed Robotech, but I’m having trouble finding it now. The pineapple salad joke was stressed hard and even seems to originate from the movie 9 to 5.

If you’re not a stickler for animation quality, I would suggest checking out Armored Trooper Votoms and Fang of the Sun Dougram. Both were made around the same time as Macross and come from the era of Hard Science and Mecha anime.

Star Blazers (aka Yamato) is what started it all for me, so of course it’s highly dramatic story will always be held close to my heart. I haven’t seen much of the new version and only the last of the older films, Final Yamato - highly recommended, but only after seeing the first story line - Quest for Iscandar.

The music of Yamato is always amazing too.

Please don’t tell me they got rid of Ulpio Minucci’s epic theme music!

Oh, god no! The music is still in place, but if memory serves… why am I relying on my blinkered memory? The blasted thing’s on YouTube.

Seems the new title graphics aren’t quite as heinous as I remember, but the added sound effects (whoosh! bzzzz-clank) seem a bit excessive. It’s also stripped down to essentially just the original Macross opening, with all of the Masters/Southern Cross and Mospeada/New Generation material removed.

It’s honestly not that bad, but I remember being very excited to see Robotech on Netflix streaming only to stop watching immediately in disgust. They changed something… This is inexcusable!

So, I seem to remember a 2nd set of adventures for Rick, Lisa, Max and Miri on a 2nd SDF? Was that the bad movie or something else?

I never understood how the next two in the series really fit beyond the flower of life story line which felt shoe horned 20+ years ago.


Let me explain… No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

So… the first series starts with the SDF-1 crashing on Earth, goes on to chronicle the Zentraedi’s efforts to reclaim it, and ends with the planet in ruins, populated by a small mixed group of humans and aliens. After that comes a gap that Robotech II: The Sentinels would’ve partially filled in, during which the REF fleet is built and then heads off into space to confront our enemies on their own turf.

Robotech Masters picks up about 15 years after Macross, and follows Max and Miriya Sterling’s daughter, Dana, who’s a hovertank pilot with the Army of the Southern Cross. The Earth is invaded by the Zentraedi’s creators, the Robotech Masters, who are desperate to regain Zor’s battleship (AKA, the SDF-1). They need the ship because they’ve lost their supply of protoculture, which is key to their cloning and technology, and the SDF-1 contains the last known protoculture matrix. Their efforts are ultimately thwarted, but as a result of the war, the flower of life is spread across the Earth’s surface and begins to bloom everywhere.

A year later, a slug-like race called the Invid arrive and conquer the planet. The flower of life was originally from their homeworld and is an important part of their ecosystem and life-cycle, but Zor stole it from them and torched the planet when he left. As Earth is now the only known place where the flower can bloom, they intend to transform it into their new home.

The Invid maintain dominion over the Earth for about 8 years, until an REF splinter fleet returns and attempts to liberate it. The attempt fails disastrously, but scattered survivors begin using guerrilla tactics on the ground, and soon become a serious thorn in the Invid’s side. Scott Bernard falls in love with an Invid princess, Lancer sings a bunch of songs in drag, and somehow the war is finally won.

The remaining Invid leave the planet in search of another home, Scott Bernard heads off to go find Admiral Hunter’s fleet, and roll credits.

For much (much, much) more detail, check out the Wikipedia page on the Robotech Wars.

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